Monday, March 10, 2008

Storm in a tea cup

The UK news is all about the terrible storm that’s hitting the country, so I went out running in the beautiful sunshine we were having. It sometime seems that here in the Staffordshire moorlands we have different weather to the rest of the UK. Not that I’m complaining today.

I have spent a lot of my free time checking out the daily city photo blogs from around the world, I linked to them on Saturday; they are all fascinating, a real glimps into other worlds. Due to my leaving comments, a lot of people have being hitting the site, so I have put on a map so you can see where they are all coming from.

The image today is a shot of an old wall, I just love the texture and think that the black and white treatment is the best way to show it.

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Mo said...

I love the texture of this photo. Really good choice to do in B&W. Raining in London but we haven't had the effects of the storm like other parts of the country.

Neva said...

Thanks for visiting....I like your black and white as well.....

Anonymous said...

No storm here, just v wet. Have bought a new rucksack for the Lakes :-) and been trying out wet weather gear. Can't wait to go!

P.S have forgotten Polergirl password so have to go anon - soz!

Love to Kep from Sam xxx

caro said...

You're going to have more gear than the rest of us put together.

If you go to the google web page you can reset your password, but I found my probs were to do with my username which is actually set to your email address not your name

Annie said...

Hi Brett, It would have been just my cup of tea to run through the countryside in the sunshine today.

Thanks for coming by my Little Rock, Arkansas blog. I do hope you will come again.

Jilly said...

Hi Brett

Thanks so much for visiting Monte Carlo DP yesterday. Nice to meet you. Your photography is great to see and I hope the storm has abated. Now I suppose, fear of flooding? Hope not. Love the old wall today.


Menton Daily Photo
Monte Carlo Daily Photo

CrazyCow said...

Love your photos.

Thanks for visiting. I see a number of familiar names here in your comments :)

Saw photos of the storm in the UK on our morning news today. It looks quite bad.

While I do sympathise, its hard to feel it when the sun is shining and we are sweating here :)

smilnsigh said...

Quite a lovely photo.

I see some familiar Icons/names here, in comments. Would you perhaps have found us, from Eric's CDPB?

And looks like my CDPB post, about our stupid Governor {The "White Knight" caught with his fingers in the.....ahemmm... cookie jar} prompted you to leave a comment in mine. It's always interesting to see what prompts viewers to _actually_ C-o-m-m-e-n-t. >,-)


smilnsigh said...

Ooops, didn't read carefully enough. You _have_ been checking out Eric's CDPB!!! ,-)

And commenting in some.

Of course, this is the time-tested way to get more people to come to one's own blog. {Go comment in theirs!} And when you have such a lovely photo as this wall here.... I'd say you have many of us hooked. Congratulations!


smilnsigh said...

Bahhhhhhhhhh... Your blog does not have a feed, which I can put into my Google Reader site. Which makes it easy for me to see new posts, in the 'zillion' blogs I like to check out.



Bucefalo said...

I love this BW picture

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