Monday, March 31, 2008

Dam big beaver

After visiting the site of Torchwood last weekend, we found ourselves at the site of one of the best British war films of all time this weekend, the Derwent valley and its dams. The film of course is The Dam Busters, and the Derwent valley and its dams had a staring role as the German dams. This was not the first time that the dams had played this role as they had already being used as a stand in for the German dams by the crews of the original raid during the training for the attack. In the tower to the left of the picture is a free museum dedicated to the men of 617 squadron RAF, which details the raid and has loads of artefacts relating to it, the museum is only open on Sundays between 10am and 4pm, and also on Bank holidays.

Not wanting to sound like a travel log but if you are in the area it has some of the best scenery in the peak district, and loads of good walking.

Today’s picture is of the Derwent dam and like the last panoramic shot is made up of 3 pictures, click on it for a large image.

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Anonymous said...

A dam fine Dam :)

Ranger Faff said...

What's with the beaver fixation, Brett?! :-) Either way, keep it up!!!! Great pic, btw, and lots and lots of tired legs and happy memories. See you real soon.

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