Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Species of Female

American photographer Bert Stern has recreated his famous last photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe, using troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. The images originally for Vogue magazine feature Monroe in next to nothing, posing nude with some scarves and jewellery as her accessories and sipping champagne. These pictures were taken shortly before her death in 1962 and were released in full after her death, including photo marked by Monroe as not to be used. Miss Lohan has now been approached by Hugh Hefner who was so impressed by the actress' tribute to Marilyn's last photo shoot, he has asked Lindsay to recreate the screen icon's infamous nude swimming scene from her unfinished film Something's Got To Give.

The whole thing is just a big publicity stunt, as a photographer I cannot see the point in recreating the shoot, it was a fantastic moment in time now cheapened to resurrect the career of an actress who has spent the last couple of years trying to destroy it.

I thought of posting an old picture to be ironic, but that would just have been sad, so here’s one taken 4 ½ hours ago.

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Ranger Faff said...

Fresh photograph, fresh snow - any fresh ice cream???!!! (From Polergirl)

Did you need the ID?!!!!!

Wow! Were you out in that? Or did you take it from the road? Looks lovely and I still think we might get some in April! Beautiful photo of a beautiful ridge. (R.F.)

Ranger Faff said...

PS: Lindsey Lohan? Naked? Where? Phwoooar!!!!! (R.F.)

PPS: Slap!!!!!!! (Polergirl)

Brett said...

I was shooting from the road as the snow was melting so fast, I'll try to put a link to the photo's, if i can find a responsible source.

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